About Scholasticus
Why should I choose Scholasticus?

Scholasticus is a unique online platform that brings learning solutions, normally used by large companies, to smaller organizations and projects at very affordable rates. Our platform is designed as a highly secured cloud service, so your content is delivered without delays and a guaranteed availability rate of 99.99%; anywhere, anytime and from any device. We don’t charge our clients for numbers of users or views; they remain simply unlimited in all types of subscriptions.

What is the primary content that I can use?

The primary content is an online video streamed on-demand from the cloud upon a paid subscription or free of charge, depending on your preference. The video is available in various formats via an HTML5 player. You can create lectures or courses that may include descriptions, tests, reviews, Q&A's and you can also attach supporting materials like pictures, PDFs or any other documents.

What is the difference between courses and sessions?

A session is a single e-learning module in a format of a video, PDF document, narrated slides or HTML5 files that can have a variable length, generally up to one hour. A course is a set of short sessions organized in sections and chapters like a book. Courses are intended to be taken in their specified sequence.

Who is your typical customer?

Our solutions have no limitations and can be used by companies of any size. Our most typical clients are fast-growing medium-sized companies with many new hires, more than one branch office and a large partner and customer base.

Do you also serve large enterprises and clients from the academic or public sectors?
Indeed we do and are able to offer them custom solutions with installation in their environment or private cloud. We also offer special pricing for the academic sector.
Where is the service located?
The platform is programmed and delivered as a cloud service. There is no specific geographic location, as we use web servers and CDN servers in key regional data centers to deliver the best possible experience. The company, Scholasticus Ltd, who is the service provider, is physically located in the Czech Republic.
Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can request a refund within the first 30 days.

How long does the set up process take?
It’s very simple and quick. Once you order, you will receive a confirmation with access credentials within a matter of hours. In the meantime, you can begin preparing your content. You don’t require any technical knowledge to begin using our system.
Can I sell my own courses and sessions?

Yes. You can make your training videos for free or as paid content. The payment system is already integrated and you can begin using it immediately. There is no extra set-up fee. We will simply charge you a small transaction fee (see pricelist).

  Administration and Payments
What roles are defined in the platform?

There are three different roles with their own sets of functionality and access – the administrator, manager and end user (which might be your team member, business partner, customer, etc.).

What is the difference between the versions?

Essentials version can be implemented and used for free, customers pay only for the purchased content. Standard and Premium are subscription based as a cloud service. Enterprise version can be installed in customers’ environment and integrated with other internal systems.    

Will I pay additional money for new features and platform updates?
No. Your subscription ensures you will automatically receive the latest version of our service without any extra charge. We have a plan for updates, but would also appreciate your feedback and request for additional functionality.
How do my clients pay for content?

Your end users can pay for content via credit card and/or PayPal. You can also issue coupons and discount to promote your content.

How am I paid if I use your platform for selling my own content?

You will receive a monthly statement with all transactions and, based on it, you will send us an invoice. Payments can be processed via PayPal or bank transfer.

  Features and Capacity of the Platform
Which languages do you support?
Since most competitive platforms are only in English we decided to offer multiple languages as a standard. You can easily choose your default language and if you are missing one, you can easily add it in administration based on the default English template.
What does 'unlimited users and bandwidth mean'?

You can have as many as users you desire and these users can watch your video content as many times as they want. It doesn't matter if they access it from a web browser or mobile device and whether they watch in HD or SD.

Do you support HD videos?

Yes, of course. We support unlimited HD videos as a standard in all versions. You don’t need to worry about content delivery even on slower connections. Your uploaded HD videos are automatically converted into smaller formats without additional charges. These smaller versions don’t count toward your storage quota.

What video formats and encoding do you recommend?

Before uploading we recommend encoding videos using H.264 codec. We support frame rates of 24 (or 23.976), 25, and 30 (or 29.97); bitrate more than 5000 Kbit/s for HD videos and aspect ratio 16:9. From a content perspective videos shouldn’t exceed 1 hour (max. 30 minutes recommended) and chapters in a course shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes.

Can I set up a virtual conference or stream a live webcast?

Yes, this functionality is already available. If you are interested to stream your own webcast, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What about mobile phones and tablets?
Scholasticus leverages HTML5 with responsive design and it runs smoothly and nicely in web browsers, as well as on most smartphones and tablets. Your site will enjoy the same advantages.
What is the storage limit?

You can add one course and one learning session in Essentials verzion. The storage limit for Stangard version is set to 50 GB. Additional storage is added automatically and free of charge after you exceed the limit, so you won’t lose content. You will be informed of this and you may be charged an extra fee for an extensive data upload. Premium and Enterpsise versions are unlimited.

If the service doesn't meet all my requirements and I need to customize certain functionality, is that possible?

Yes. We can set up a special version for you to update graphics and functionality according to your needs. This version can run on your own servers, private cloud or in our environment as a new instance. There is a charge for set up and extra programming. The limitation is that you won’t take advantage of automatic, free-of-charge updates to the platform, because such customized versions will also have to be manually updated. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific needs.

  Branding, Selling, Promoting and Integrating Your Content
May I create a site using your service and using my own branding?

Yes. You can set up your own site with specific branding that is possible to handle in administration by updating templates. Major updates to graphics and functionality can be done using a custom version.

Can I run the service on my own domain or sub-domain?

Absolutely. Companies that are using the Full version of the platfrom can leverage a custom domain. However the service itself still runs on our servers and you might still see redirections to our site.

May I integrate videos into my website and make them public?
Yes. You can copy an automatically generated HTML code for a video and paste it into your website. The main advantage is that you can track subscribers and see comprehensive statistics.
  Additional Services and Partnerships
I don't know how to create a good training video for my target audience. Can you help me?

Absolutely. We (or one of our partners) can assist you with professional video production and post-production, all at very competitive pricing.

Do you offer a partners or affiliate program?

Yes. If you are interested in re-selling our platform and helping companies train their customers, partners and employees more simply and cost-effectively, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are especially looking for web developers, content providers and marketing or production/post-production agencies.