Performance Review

Our solution gives you a perfect overview of employees’ performance and motivation.


In addition to managing corporate training (LMS), our solution allows you to use modules for employee performance evaluation. The modules are easily accessible in the administrative system and are also connected to the main user panel. This solution was developed based on current trends and client requests. The main emphasis is on user-friendliness so that all the functions are available with just a few clicks and there is no training needed.

Regular evaluation can start in just a few minutes. It is possible to evaluate employees according to your own criteria which you set up in administration or according to the aims set up by the manager. The modules also use competency models.  

For HR department

Our system allows you to set up your own rating scale and core competencies. You can start a program of evaluation, follow its course, send notifications to users and finally close the process. 

For people managers

Managers have an overview of their team members’ goals and also their implementation all in one place. Objectives and competencies are evaluated in a visible interface, usually in half-yearly cycles.

For employees

Our system helps relieve stress and tension during the evaluation. Everything is visible in one place and every employee can calmly prepare for the evaluation interview with their manager.

  • The administrator sets the performance levels and core competencies
  • The Human Resources Director initiates a half-yearly or yearly evaluation cycle.
  • All employees receive an email with information about.
  • First, employees fill in the evaluation and then their manager.
  • An employee evaluates the tasks they fulfilled and how.
  • After the complete evaluation summary, employees express their opinions to their manager.
  • Managers can read what employees have written about them and managers can add their opinions.
  • If something is missing, the manager can return the evaluation to the employee with a comment about adding more information.
  • At the end of the evaluation the manager adds goals for the next period and the evaluation ends.
  • HR managers see the current status of all ratings and have the opportunity to remind employees and managers of this rating.
  • As soon as all evaluations are finished HR managers close the entire evaluation cycle.
  • HR managers, employees and their managers always have access to their finalised evaluation.


Dashboard After registering on this portal, users have an overview of the most important links, messages and tasks. With this overview, you never forget what you must do or where you left off.
Employees‘ evaluations Employee evaluations start directly on the dashboard. The overview interface first evaluates the aims of the previous period, then evaluates core competencies and the overall summary. At the end, the supervisor sends the evaluation.
Managers‘ evaluations After the employees‘ evaluation finishes, managers give their evaluation. Managers see the employees‘ evaluations and add their comments, or adapts those comments. Managers can also return the evaluation to the employee for completion. At the end of the evaluation, an overall rating is generated based on an evaluation scale.
Individual objectives Every employee may, at any time, look at their objectives. Every objective has its value. Managers can adjust their objectives.
Overall evaluation Employees have an overview of their previous evaluations and can recall them at any time. The managers also see this overview of their whole team.
Notification Employees and managers receive all important announcements and reminders on their dasboard and in their emails.


Various roles Various users fulfil different roles in the system. Our system ensures safe access to various interfaces for administrators, managers and employees.
Groups Users can be divided into organizational or functional groups (e.g. organizational groups: marketing, sales, or HR. Functional groups: drivers, top management, top executives).
Dashboard This is a user-friendly interface and is a key element for the administrator. On the main page, administrators have an overview of everything important such as news, navigation and key statistics, and this is all in one place.
Reports Thanks to the detailed reports and statistics, you can follow users‘ behavior and their current assessment status. For example, you can quickly find out which employee or manager does not fulfil the required evaluation deadlines. There is also a detailed overview of past evaluations.
Performance levels It is possible to set up a scale with marks and percentages for final evaluation of employees. For example, it is possible to specify that all employees with ratings below 50% have insufficient productivity, or, that all employees above 90% have an excellent rating.
Key competencies You can specify certain key competencies such as analytical thinking, communication skills, or managerial skills. These competencies are evaluated according to the evaluation scale.
Evaluation administration The system allows you to begin half-yearly or yearly evaluations with the help of a simple form. Simply fill in the title of the evaluation and its expected conclusion. The evaluation can be closed at any time by pressing a button, or as soon as the evaluation finishes.
E-mailing and notifications We have integrated a function for mass emailing. You can quickly and easily remind users. The system also operates a system for automatic notifications and reminders.
Customer support Sometimes everyone needs help, even the administrator. We are therefore prepared to help you at any time, just contact us by using our simple form, email or by telephone.