Learning Management

With our solution you have a great overview of the learning activities that your employees do all in one place, which greatly simplifies organising your company's training.



You do not need to install anything. Everything works on a web browser, on tablets and on mobile phones. We offer our solution on a cloud platform, it is quick to implement and there are no installation fees. You can create and buy educational content, track various statistics or modify the appearance and system settings.  

Creating content

Our solution allows for simple uploading and managing of your own e-learning courses and training or you can choose courses from our catalogue. The administration is intuitive and creating content is so very simple. 

All under control

You can easily assign training courses to selected users, including the date for completion. Users receive comments and you can easily follow how successfully each user has completed the course or training.

Your own customizations

The appearance of the training system can easily be customised to suit your corporate identity so that it becomes part of your intranet or website. If any function or report is missing, we can create this for you.

content types

Learning Sessions


Self-contained, individual learning sessions on specific topics. Video format, up to one hour in length, PDF documents, narrated slides or HTML5 modules.


Online Courses


Structured courses linking multiple videos or interactive sessions, organized in a sequence of sections and chapters.


Live Webinars


Webinars, or Webcasts are virtual events or presentations distributed live using streaming media technology to many subscribed users.

  • Improve the existing knowledge and competence 
  • Training new employees
  • Soft-skills trainings
  • Selling your own online course
  • Product launch
  • Company guidlines as an e-learning module


HD Content Upload and play beautiful HD videos without compromise. High Definition became standard on most devices and we are HD leaders.
Video Conversion You needn't worry about content delivery even on slower connections. Your uploaded HD videos are automatically converted into smaller formats without any additional costs.
Free Preview Each video comes with a free preview managed through administration. Your customers needn‘t buy a pig in a poke or make a subscription without first trying it.
Payments Content can be paid or available for free. We support various currencies and payment systems including credit cards and PayPal.
Coupons & Discounts Make your content more attractive by using special coupon codes. You can limit your promotion by date, or use several coupon codes with different discount amounts limited by occasion or customer type.
Reviews Occasionally a free preview is not enough to make a buyer decision. Users can read reviews written by others before subscribing or paying for a session or course.
Tests Each session or course chapter can include a test to review subscriber knowledge. Tests are managed via administration and can be mandatory or optional. You can easily track the results.
Attaching Files You can attach a file to each session or course chapter. Subscribers download the files to deepen their learning experience.
Q&As Should any part of the content be unclear or confusing to your subscribers, they can either privately or publicly ask their teacher a direct question.


Different Roles Different users can fill different roles. Our system offers secured access with a customized dashboard for the administrators, teachers and subscribers/customers.
Dashboard A powerful administration dashboard plays a key role in delivering a perfect experience. You can easily administer all content, users and site settings within a user-friendly interface.
Statistics Track what you need in a general dashboard. Video playbacks, user statistics and test results are only few examples of the statistics that will make your life easier.
E-mailing We have integrated an easy to use e-mailing tool in the administration. Inform your customers, partners or employees about new content or special promotions.
Support Occasionally you need quick help. We will help you to solve issues and/or train your staff.